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About Us



“Nature at the heart of the city”

Located in Kfarchima and just 10 minutes away from Baabda, Parcours des Saveurs is a unique project of its kind in Lebanon and the Middle East, covering both the Educational & the Entertaining aspects.

This “Educational Farm” aims to enrich the public's culture and knowledge with the plant and animal worlds as well as getting them to experience the organic food prepared from the natural ingredients in the farm.

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An « Educational farm » is a farm where animals are raised and/or vegetables are grown for food production and teaching purposes, in both the scholar or public contexts. Its main objective is welcoming school kids for educational purposes, but also welcomes visitors outside the school circle such as, families, friends, groups who practice eco-tourism, etc…  It consists essentially of breeding farms located near cities with a purpose of presenting the agricultural world to citizens.






We welcome school visits throughout the year as well as public visits for groups of friends families and others to spend their day out.

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We serve Fresh & Organic Produce in our restaurant; all our menu items are homemade and our chefs strive to apply the essentials of a “Farm to Table” concept.

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We organize birthday parties as well as several events on major occasions.

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