Farm Services | PUBLIC VISITS

Your outings in groups, family or with friends are always welcomed at Parcours des Saveurs!

Throughout the year, visitors can enjoy a pleasant and unforgettable day enjoying the services below:


  • A guided tour in the "Animal Parcours", allowing our guides to accompany you to visit our farm animals, while explaining their characteristics and giving you the opportunity to interact with them. 

  • Our young ponies, Daisy (Female) and Bruno (Male) are always ready to offer children fun rides on their backs ... Brace yourselves kids! 
  • Agriculture for the little ones starts with us ... Kids can learn to sow a seed or a seedling in a pot and take it home while learning how to take good care of it and enjoy the laws harvesting ...
  • A playground is also present at Parcours des Saveurs, where children can enjoy some sports activities (soccer, basketball, ping-pong, baby-foot, trampoline and more ...)




  • Adults Entrance is for: 5000 L.L. and Children Entrance is for: 7500 L.L. (including a guided tour and access to the playground)  
  • Pony Rides for: 2000 L.L.
  • Planting in a pot for: 2000 L.L.