Farm Services | SCHOOL VISITS

Parcours des saveurs offers students the opportunity to reinforce their learning and reconnect with nature through a motivating and diversified support. 

Students participate in educational tours, which offers adequate learning and are supervised by a member of our team.

Visit, see and pet animals in our farmyard:

  • Learn more about these animals, their growth cycle, their food and their usefulness in our daily lives. 
  • Compare morphological characteristics of animals. 
  • Milk a sheep, a cow or a goat. 
  • Pick up chicken and/ or Guinea fowl eggs.
  • Feed a pig or a pigeon. 
  • Ride a pony. 
  • Pet a rabbit.
  • See a Peacock or a lama. 
  • Dance with the ducks. 
  • Gurgle with turkeys and honk with geese.


Familiarize with the plant world:

  • Observe, identify and compare the characteristics of some fruit trees. 
  • Observe, identify, and pick vegetables from the kitchen garden. 
  • See the gardener tools and find out about the ways they are used in the garden/farm. 
  • Sow the seeds or plant a herb or a vegetable. 


Learn what organic is and why it is important to promote:

  • Understand the importance of having a healthy diet for the healthy development of the body. 
  • Enjoy fruits, vegetables and organic farm products. 
  • Disparage the consumption of processed foods



In sum, in a few hours, students will enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature in a pleasant environment where they can learn, play and at the end feast on an organic meal prepared with products gathered from the farm.