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About Us



Located in Kfarchima, Parcours des Saveurs is a family-owned business that offers a unique approach to agriculture and farming. Through educational tours, visitors can learn about farm life, interact with animals and sample fresh, organic, and homemade products. Parcours des Saveurs welcomes schools, families, and groups.




In Beirut's modern life, childen are severed from almost any contact with nature as green spaces have become scarce and wild life has completely disappeared from the city and its suburbs. Thus, in 2013, we undertook the journey of creating le Parcours des Saveurs, an educational farm in which kids can interact with, and acively learn about animals, plants, and food. Our mision is to restore the broken link between the new generations on the one hand, and, on the other, nature and the environment.

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School Visits

At le Parcours des Saveurs, young learners interact and reconnect with nature trough motivating and diversified activities. They undergo a journey full of discoveries, participate in daily farm chores and enjoy a healthy brekfast.

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Public Visits

Visitors can enjoy an unforgettable day in a pleasant environment where they can order local homemade food.

Sunday Buffet

Every Sunday, enjoy our homemade buffet with friends and family.

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Celebrate your birthday party like nowhere else: learn while having fun!

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Fresh Products

Parcours des Saveurs offers a range of local products, and fresh produce that you can purchase during your visit.