Farm Services | FRESH PRODUCTS

"Parcours des saveurs" is a part of the family "Les saveurs campagnardes" who has already in lebanese market a range of products which you can find among others, during your visit to the "parcours des saveurs".

Category "A" Eggs labelled  "EXTRA FRESH", according to the French Norms (I N R A), credits to our Chicken all raised in the open, with no use of pesticides, chemical products, nore antibiotics. They only eat herbs, Alfalfa or Lucerne, germinated wheat as well as cracked cereals.

Our eggs are ready for sale in less than 24 hours of their collection; They could be preserved for over a week in the open air, or for more than a month in the refrigerator.

Other Fresh Products available and according to seasons are:

- Rose Water (Mawared), Orange Blossom Water (Mazaher), Bitter Orange (Abousfeir), Berry Syrup (Tout)
- Olive Oil, Debs El Remman - Debs El Kharoub
- Honey
- Jams, Figue or Apricot or Apple (Mrabba el tin,  Mrabba el Meshmosh, Mrabba el Teffeh)
- Zhourat
- Quail Eggs (Bayd Ferri)

- Fresh Goat or Cow Milk

- Fresh Goat or Cow Laban
- Fresh Goat or Cow Labneh
- Chmandour Goat or Cow (Seasonal)
- Karicheh (Seasonal)


Fresh Farm Eggs presented in 3 different packages to meet your needs:


  • Bags of 10 Eggs
  • Pack of 6 Eggs
  • Pack of 12 eggs
  • Pack of 15 eggs



The Economic Packages of 30 eggs:


  • Econo-Saveurs Red
  • Econo-Saveurs White


The "Eaux de Vie":

  • Water of Orange Blossom
  • Rose Water